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The pain of Rejection has been one of the number one things that has caused us to self-destruct and destroy our relationships and intimacy.  This 10 Day-Training will walk you through a step by step process on how to heal your heart of Rejection wounds and triggers.  This program is an in-depth Video+Homework Guide with more than 2+ hours of content.
**$400 Value**

Save yourself the 100+ HOURS WE SPENT working through our own REJECTION and ABANDONMENT triggers in a counseling office by utilizing what we packaged into this 10-Day Detox program. We seriously spent more than 100+ hours in an office processing through and recovering from our Sh*#...

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What You Will Get in the Rejection Detox:
Our Stories of Pain
Dive into our pain and the moments in our lives that we experienced rejection and the feeling of being wanted in relationship.  Learn from the moments that we created protective belief systems and vows to never be hurt again.  Don't just hear some clinical understanding of psychology but a relatable process that gives you permission to have mess.

Step-by-step Process
Our Experiences of Rejection teach us to self-protect, withdraw in relationship, people-please, and ultimately hate ourselves indifferent areas.  We lay out a process step-by-step for how we've gotten free from self-hatred and the pain of rejection in relationships- a process we've walked out for the past 7-10 years.

Daily Acts of courage
Learning is good, but change comes through implementation and action.  Every day, you'll find a homework assignment that creates real change in your life.  Some of these assignments take courage but the reward is freedom from pain and the fear of intimacy.  Do not sign up unless you're ready to take action.

Having the ability to confront pain when it comes up let alone being aware of what that pain is and where it came from. Imagine being able to step out of that moment of reacting and blaming someone, shaming yourself, or coping with a destructive behavior…you recognize what that pain is: self-hatred, abandonment, rejection, comparison, etc and you’re able to give yourself the love and compassion you need to heal. What if you had the confidence to run after everything you know you're worth in life and in business.  My clients have learned how to step out of emotional reactions and coping mechanisms, recognize that they are reacting to pain and trauma, invite love and compassion into the versions of themselves that really need it and live a life fully present and connected to their hearts and to people.  They are experiencing new job opportunities, healthy relationships, and are going after their dreams.  The men out there that live life to the full with character and passion are looking for women that have courage in their process and go after their messes and pain proactively.

Why We Made This for You

My name is Sammi Robbins and the happy guy next to me is my hubby and before we worked through our emotional junk and pain, we became masters of not needing people, hiding our shame and insecurities, acting like we had all the answers, judging people around us, performing in work and relationships, and acting like we were always "Good". We even tried "Faithing" away a lot of our problems with good mindsets and tools.
You just can't hide your shizz in deep relationships can you? We noticed that the deeper relationships got in our lives, the more triggered we'd become...the closest people around us always seemed to disappoint us eventually.
Now was this an "us" problem or a "them" problem?...well, we decided we only ever have control over ourselves, so let's find out what we're doing to push people away and perpetuate these cycles.
So we did what we always do as really the really intense people that we are... and went HAM-WILD on getting inner healing- every book, training, workshop, we spent more than a few hundred hours in counselors' and coaches' offices (Very expensive by the way), received prayer ministry, spent countless hours with Holy Spirit, listened to sermons, podcasts...you name it, we did it. But guess what? While we found a lot of things that WORKED for us, we found a ton of stuff that didn't. This is why we created the Rejection Detox.

What Some of Our Clients Have to Say...
Hear the Word on the Street
No Names are Mentioned because we value and respect the Privacy and Vulnerability of our clients and our goal is to give to them, not to take from them. We will have the same respect and honor for your privacy.

What Doesn't Work?

->Coaches that act like they're perfect and just talk at you
->Just "Mindset Positivity"..."if I put on a smile and declare the opposite of my experience, I'll be good"
->Talking to a God you don't actually believe is good- why would He respond if deep down you think         He doesn't like you?
​->Cognitive and behavioral therapy alone- most of it doesn't invite Holy Spirit to the table and it                 focuses on the symptoms but not the root
​->Books that you listen to but do not implement- As a society, we are drowning in information that we     do nothing with.
​->Behavioral Modification- "WWJD and I'm good, right?" LOL wrong...
​->Pretty much anything that tries to just fix you- "fixing" communicates you are broken
​->Doing Nothing- letting life happen to you is complacency

What Does Work?

Thanks for asking ;) Spencer, my hubby walked out of his first session with this amazing life consultant that helped change his life. A lightbulb went off inside his head.

His problem?

Well, After youth pastoring for 2 years, spending 3 years at a supernatural ministry school, interning for an international traveler and pastor, leading ministry trips to several countries and more than 10 states in the US, you think he'd have learned a thing or two about relationships but he was terrified of marriage and being trapped for the rest of his life in a relationship he didn't choose.

He had realized that ministry and leading had actually become "medication" to soothe his pain of self-hatred and self judgment. If he could preach and impact the world around him, he didn't have to feel the pain of that self-hatred.

In relationship, he had built his life in such a way that nobody could get close enough to hurt him or trigger that self-hatred. He learned that he had built a life that avoided vulnerability and intimate relationships and his childhood experiences taught him that "having needs" meant you were a burden and that would make you "rejectable".

So he went on a journey to learn how to love himself...ALL the parts of himself that he judged and hated and he thought did not deserve love.

He noticed that people were DRAWN to him. After months of dating himself (I know, funny...) and connecting with compassion for the parts of him that he believed were responsible for being rejected by girls, friends, his parents...he felt this deep sense of confidence and love.

What's crazy is...I fell in love with him after he had walked through this journey for a few years and I have adopted what he's learned to every facet of my life...

FAST FORWARD...Our lives started to flourish.

- Relationships stopped feeling high stakes.

- Ministry came from raw compassion and not people pleasing.

- We got married and learned to love working through fears and pain.

- Friendships became deep and two-sided.

- Conflict stopped scaring us.

- Rejection didn't hurt.

- And connection with God felt deep...we stopped questioning God's love for us.

"So, What is the Rejection Detox?"

Now, we've been on the journey of authenticity and wholeness for 8 years now. We're two years into marriage and we've worked closely with more than 350 women that have said "yes" to confronting fears, childhood pain, unhealthy belief systems, shame that are experiencing a love like they've never felt before and we are getting reports of women going on dates for the first time, other women having the first thriving relationships they've ever had with healthy men, other women that dating now feels fun (NOT HIGH STAKES), women that have actually gotten married to amazing men after having walked through our programs.

Now, we're not saying you'll get those exact same results- we have no idea who you are or what you're willing to do in your life. But, we want to save you time and money. We have coaching programs that are fairly expensive (btw Divorce is a lot more expensive than coaching and growing yourself)...but we won't mention those for now.

For now, we want to invite you in to our 10-Day Detox training that breaks down a very "Non-Religious" approach, step-by-step with training, nitty-gritty stories from our lives, daily homework and action steps. Plan for 15-20 minutes a day every morning for the 10 days and WATCH as the tools and process change you from the inside out.

Rejection and abandonment must be healed at the root.

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No Names are Mentioned because we value and respect the Privacy and Vulnerability of our clients and our goal is to give to them, not to take from them. We will have the same respect and honor for your privacy.
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