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10 Day Rejection Detox

10 Days to Being Free From Fear Of Rejection And Abandonment

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The pain of Rejection has been one of the # 1 one thing that has caused us to self-destruct and destroy our relationships and intimacy.

  • ​ This 10 Day-Training will walk you through a step by step process on how to heal your heart of Rejection wounds and triggers. 
  • ​ This program is an in-depth Video+Homework Guide with more than 2+ hours of content.

What's Included in This Program

Our Stories of Pain
Dive into our pain and the moments in our lives that we experienced rejection and the feeling of being wanted in relationship.  Learn from the moments that we created protective belief systems and vows to never be hurt again.  Don't just hear some clinical understanding of psychology but a relatable process that gives you permission to have mess.

Step-by-step Process
Our Experiences of Rejection teach us to self-protect, withdraw in relationship, people-please, and ultimately hate ourselves indifferent areas.  We lay out a process step-by-step for how we've gotten free from self-hatred and the pain of rejection in relationships- a process we've walked out for the past 7-10 years.

Daily Acts of courage
Learning is good, but change comes through implementation and action.  Every day, you'll find a homework assignment that creates real change in your life.  Some of these assignments take courage but the reward is freedom from pain and the fear of intimacy.  Do not sign up unless you're ready to take action.

 $169 Now ONLY $67!!!


Having the ability to confront pain when it comes up let alone being aware of what that pain is and where it came from. Imagine being able to step out of that moment of reacting and blaming someone, shaming yourself, or coping with a destructive behavior…you recognize what that pain is: self-hatred, abandonment, rejection, comparison, etc and you’re able to give yourself the love and compassion you need to heal. What if you had the confidence to run after everything you know you're worth in life and in business. My clients have learned how to step out of emotional reactions and coping mechanisms, recognize that they are reacting to pain and trauma, invite love and compassion into the versions of themselves that really need it and live a life fully present and connected to their hearts and to people. They are experiencing new job opportunities, healthy relationships, and are going after their dreams. The men out there that live life to the full with character and passion are looking for women that have courage in their process and go after their messes and pain proactively.

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